InPhochelle High Resolution, Wide Range, High throughput, Compact Raman System

High resolution RS2000 system provides research-grade performance in a rugged spectrometer design.The "InPhochelle" is a compact Raman instrument offering high resolution (down to 2 cm-1) across the full spectral range (200-3500cm-1). The design uses fast f/2.8 optics for excellent throughput. Spectral acquisition is fast and highly reproducible. Since the only moving part is the shutter, the instrument is very rugged.

The 3-stage cooled CCD operates at -55°C, providing excellent sensitivity, spectral stability, and low background noise.

The "InPhochelle" is available in two standard configurations distinguished by the laser choice, 670 or 785 nm excitation. The system includes InPhotonics' data acquisition package and GRAMS AI manipulation software operating on a PC, laptop, or netbook. The simplest configuration utilizes an InPhotonics Raman Probe for normal chemical characterization. More complex applications are supported by a variety of optical fiber Raman probes for process control and high-temperature applications.

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InPhochelle 785 spectra

Features and Specifications


InPhochelle 670

InPhochelle 785
Optical Design Echelle spectrograph incorporating aluminum-coated echelle grating and transmision grating for cross dispersion in a fixed configuration Echelle spectrograph incorporating gold-coated echelle grating and transmission grating for cross dispersion in a fixed configuration
Excitation Source 50 mW, 670 nm Nd:YAG laser (high power available upon request) 300 mW, frequency-stabilized 785 nm diode laser (0.1 nm linewidth)
Spectral Resolution and Range 2 cm-1 spectral resolution from 100 - 3500 cm-1 measured in a single exposure (measured as FWHH)* 2 cm-1 spectral resolution from 100 - 3500 cm-1 measured in a single exposure (measured as FWHH)*
Calibration Method Fixed optics provide permanent calibration under normal operating conditions. Intensity correction performed automatically through software.
Rayleigh Filter None required (108 optical filtering incorporated into RamanProbe)
Detector Three-stage TE-cooled CCD array, 1024 x 256 pixels, operating at -55oC for very low dark noise
Sampling Accessory RamanProbeTM product line suitable for a variety of applications. Class I sample holders also available.
Physical Dimensions (spectrograph) 21" x 10.5" x 5" with external laser source; approximately 17lbs. total weight
Acquisition Hardware and Software Basic system includes data acquisition software for control of spectrometer. PC data station running Windows XP or Windows 7 required for operation.
Packaging Options system carrying case is available
Base Price $45,000 USD


This is a laser Class IIIb product.*2 cm-1 is specified with 100 µm input fiber (available as an option). Spectral resolution of 3cm-1 is achievable with standard RamanProbe.

Specifications subject to change without notice.

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