Imaging Raman Probe

The image from our imaging probe
The laser spot size is 100 um

Our imaging probe can be either handheld with a focusing spacer or mounted on a microscope stand

The imaging probe is a video camera integrated with a standard fiber optic Raman probe in a handheld housing. The image from the video camera shows the excitation laser spot, which facilitates alignment of the sampling location. The camera is connected to a PC of your own choice via a USB port. A software driver for the camera is included.

The Raman signal is collected efficiently by the objective lens on the probe tip, which has a high numerical aperture and is broadband coated. The objective lens also serves as part of the imaging system. The filter for the laser sopt imaging can be customized according to the laser power in use. The field of view of the imaging system is about 2mm X 1.5mm.

Download Imaging Probe Specification Sheet

Features and Specifications

Raman Optical Fiber Probe

Probe Size 5"X3"X1.27"
Spectral Range 200 - 3900 cm-1 (Stokes)*
Excitation Wavelengths 514, 532, 632, 670, "785" (782-788), 830 nm (laser must be +/- 1.5 nm of specified wavelength, except for 785 nm version)
Working Distance 8 mm
Physical Resistance

Durable probe can be used up to 80ºC

Coupling System Available with FC (std.) or SMA 905 connectors
Safety Features Manual safety shutter to block laser output; Class I sample holders available

Video Camera

Camera Sensor 1/4" CMOS, 2MP, 24 bit color depth (true color)
Video Resolution up to 1600X1200 pixels (HD quality)
Frame Rate

up to 30 frames per second

Interface USB port
Field of View 2mm x 1.5mm

*Ultimate spectral range will depend upon spectrograph and detector.
†U.S. patent 6,621,574
Prices and specifications subject to change without notice.

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