Laboratory Raman Spectrometer

VERAX spectrometer shown with RamanProbeThe VERAX is a high-performance yet affordable solution for general laboratory Raman analysis. Offering ample resolution in the fingerprint region (4cm-1), the VERAX is an ideal complement to FT-IR measurements.

The spectrometer is based upon a rugged spectrograph dedicated to a single spectral range. A large 200 µm round fiber aperture is converted to a 60 µm rectangular slit via a fiber bundle, ensuring high optical throughput while maintaining the resolution specification. A cooled CCD (-25°C) provides ample sensitivity and stability with low background noise. The stabilized 785 nm laser completes the package to result in highly reproducible laboratory data.

Little sample preparation is required when using the RamanProbe for routine analysis. The VERAX can be equipped with any of InPhotonics' immersible probes for real-time monitoring of chemical processes. Permanently-mounted optics ensure constant calibration and stability. The system requires minimal maintenance and consumable parts can be exchanged by the user. The VERAX can also be operated simultaneously with the ReactionViewTM fiber-optic FT-IR system as a comprehensive process development system.

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VERAX specification sheet
Technical Note #17: Real-Time Reaction Monitoring with the VERAX and VizRam

Features and Specifications

Optical Design High throughput, slitless spectrograph with no moving optical or mechanical parts. Two spectrograph models: short-range (SR) and long-range (LR).
Spectral Range

SR version: 250 - 1800 cm-1
LR version: 250 - 2350 cm-1

Spectral Resolution* SR version: 4 - 5 cm-1 (FWHM)
LR version: 6 - 8 cm-1 (FWHM)
*achievable with 60% coupling throughput from 200 µm probe fiber
Excitation Source Frequency-stabilized, 300 mW, 785 nm diode laser (linewidth < 0.1 nm). Other excitation wavelengths available upon request.
Detector Vacuum-sealed, TE-cooled CCD array, 1024 x 128 pixels, operating at -45oC below ambient temperature for low background noise.
Sampling Arrangement Fiber-based spectrometer uses standard RamanProbeTM with 5 m cable length for routine sapling. Reaction-monitoring probes avaialble as options.
Sample Holders Various sizes of Class I sample holders available as options.
Physical Specifications Outer dimensions 13.5" x 13.5" x 6" (343 x 343 x 152 mm), ca. 30 lbs. (13 kg). Spectrometer can be operated at temperatures up to 30°C. Requires 110 - 240 V AC power.
PC Hardware and Software System requires desktop or laptop PC with Windows XP Pro. Basic system includes InPhotote data acquisition software for control of spectrometer.
Optional Software Spectral manipulation software, reaction-monitoring software (VizRamanTM), library searching software, quantitative analysis software.

This is a laser Class IIIb product.Specifications and prices are subject to change without notice.

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