InPhotote Spectrometer Data

The InPhotote Raman spectrometer measures multipoint data of intensity versus frequency known as "spectra". The bands in the spectra are related to molecular structure, and each molecule has a very specific overall pattern that can be matched to spectra of known standards. The InPhotote offers a wide spectral range (to differentiate many types of molecules), and high resolution (to separate individual bands resulting in clearer spectra).

Shown here are spectra of four narcotics. Note how each spectrum is visibly different. The two forms of cocaine (at bottom) are very similar, but show distinct differences between 800 - 1300 cm-1. These differences would be difficult to see on a spectrometer with lower spectral resolution.

Shown here are spectra of three clear, colorless liquids measured through glass containers. The top is a mixture of two organic liquids, one being acetonitrile. Acetonitrile contains a cyanide linkage that shows up near 2250 cm-1. This band is very specific for cyanide and can be easily used to identify other cyanide-containing unknowns. The lower spectrum shows a mixture of chlorinated compounds; the carbon-chlorine linkages give rise to bands at lower frequencies (below 500 cm-1). The middle spectrum shows a pure hydrocarbon solvent, whose main bands of the carbon-carbon backbone show up in the middle of the spectral region.
Two "over-the-counter" drugs were measured through the blister packaging commonly used for such medications. Although the active ingredient is usually too dilute to be identified by Raman spectroscopy, the excipients and tablet coatings can be used to screen for counterfeit drugs. The antihistamine tablet shows the strong bands of TiO2, a common filler. The decongestant gelcap shows components from the gel and gelcap. Both spectra were measured without having to open the packaging material and without destroying the tablets.

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